Family Prayer Ministry Of The Holy Spirit

Renewing Families through Intercession


Devotion to good St. Anne, the mother of the Mother of God,

fosters three important lessons most needed in our time:

1.  Parents are to care for their children and to educate them in the ways of God.  Parents must always be apostles to announce the good news of salvation to their children.  This is done most effectively not by words alone, but above all by example.  Parents never know, to what task God may call their children.

2.  Children must be taught to respect and honor their parents.  They must be told that the Fourth is the only Commandment to which God promised a material reward also.  "Honor your father and your mother that it may go well for you, and you may be long lived upon the earth."  In respecting and assisting all older people, children reflect honor on their parents and on their upbringing.

3.  A special bond of affection binds grandparents and their grandchildren in the natural order.  This explains St. Anne's unique power of intercession with her divine grandson, our Lord and Savior.  That is why we can count confidently on her unfailing aid.


Daily Prayer to St. Anne

Glorious St. Anne, by the special bond of affection uniting you still with your child, our Blessed Mother, and with her divine Son, we call on your powerful aid to meet today's pressing needs.  We freely acknowledge our own sinfulness and unworthiness, and yet we count on your help, and promise ever to be grateful to you and faithful to God's will for us.  Amen.

Prayer for Special Needs

Good St. Anne, help me in all our necessities, and please secure for me now the special graces and favors I seek from God because of my present needs.  Amen.

Prayer for our Children

Dear St. Anne, please teach us and help us to teach our children to live a holy and dedicated life.  By your gracious intercession, aid us to instruct them, chiefly by good example as you taught our Blessed Lady.  Kindly help us and our children, by keeping us always under your care.  Amen.

Prayer for our Parents

Good St. Anne, please gain a special blessing for our parents for their goodness to us.  In your kindness, teach us how we may best show our love, honor, and respect, not by winning worldly acclaim, but by remaining ever faithful to their teaching and God's grace.  May we, with your help, accomplish our parents' best hopes for us.  Amen.